Emmanuel Anglican Church, Richmond Hill

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Pastor ChrisI am English by birth and Canadian by choice. I am a widower with two children, one living at home and studying at McMaster, the other married and living in Toronto. I have a Labrador retriever named Sunny whose namesake soft toy often appears at the children’s spot on Sunday morning along with Bruno the bear. I am a fan of Hawaii Five-0 and enjoy gardening.

My life came alight when I was twelve years old and accepted God’s invitation to join his family. I suppose this was a choice but my heart was compelled to step into God’s arms and feel the embrace of the divine. I have never regretted it on the journey of life, I have known God’s presence with me through thick and thin. I am convinced of God’s love for us by the heroic life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

My hope for you is that you will grow in faith and character alongside other travellers at Emmanuel. Our destiny is heaven but in our life here, we are called to change the world for the better by pouring love into every circumstance. Jesus summed up the purpose of our lives as loving God with all our heart and loving people as we would like them to love us. In the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s love is poured into our hearts to share generously.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing in your journey of faith.


N.B. I have been pastor at Emmanuel since February 2012. Before that I was Senior Pastor at Little Trinity Church in downtown Toronto for almost 15 years. I came to Little Trinity from serving six churches in north west Ontario, based in Geraldton. Before that I served in a parish in London UK. My first career was as high school science teacher.

Pastor Chris would love to respond to your questions, you can reach him at 416-737-3066. Chris is in the office by appointment and at other times during office hours. Office hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 11:00am-3:00pm, Thursday 1:00-5:00pm.