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Christmas comes every year on the calendar but not for everyone in their heart. For the alone and the suffering, for the hungry and the afraid, Christmas offers no gifts that count, no cheer that seeps deep into the soul.

So, think about those people in your life, whether you see them daily or just an occasional phone call or never; and ask God this question, “How can I bring cheer to this person this Christmas?

God probably won’t ask you to invite the person, the people, into your home on Christmas or Boxing Day. Probably not, but maybe. God may ask you to make sure that nobody, anybody, you know feels totally forgotten on Christmas Day.

An email is cold compared to a phone call, but its better than nothing.

A message is better than an email; and you don’t have to think up so many words.

A phone call can be brief, a Merry Christmas, or you might have a nice conversation, who knows. And who knows what a blessing you will receive by being a blessing to someone else, this Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!