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Humboldt Broncos Bus Tragedy – Where was God?

It is natural to feel that God let all those families down on April 6th.; natural to feel that God let Humboldt down and we feel that God let us all down. What would it have taken to have delayed the[...]

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The greatest week of the year! So what?

The proof that God loves me is that Jesus voluntarily and deliberately died on the cross. The proof that Jesus death achieved something by dying on the cross is that Jesus rose from the dead – a recognizable Jesus in a[...]

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Lent, a season for new beginnings

On March 1st at 7pm our Ash Wednesday service kicks off the season of Lent. 40 days for us to invite God deeper into our lives and to let God clean us up, set us straight and guide us into[...]

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Vacations are God’s idea

Not just recovery… I have returned from a month long vacation , mostly in Bath, UK but also a week in Lisbon, Portugal. I am very thankful that the church gives clergy a month in the summer and I am[...]

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Orlando Massacre

At just after 2 a.m. on June 12, Omar Mir Seddique Mateen opened fire at a gay club in Orlando, killing 49 people before police fatally shot him. Whilst the murderer gets the fame the victims are only remembered by[...]

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How to have a happy marriage

Marriage is so difficult that the majority end up in divorce or chronic unhappiness! But, what if a happy marriage is not rocket science? A study spanning four decades suggests that there are a few very simple ways that many[...]

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